CRUX Climbing, Rigging and Training, Corp., (CCRT) training seminars are meticulously planned and designed for the maximization of efficiency. Your training seminar will be conducted by one of our certified Instructors. The length of the training seminar will directly affect the amount of any Continuing Education Units (CEUs) offered to attendees. CEUs are typically credited as hour-to-hour actual training time, pending approval by governing agencies (i.e. CCBISATCIA, etc.). Training sessions can be a one day event or several days. CCRT can provide training from our list of pre-approved courses or we can tailor the training to fit your needs.

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Trees have the power to increase property values, improve air quality, reduce household energy costs, improve water quality and more. Because trees are present in our everyday landscape it’s easy to forget just how significant they are to the quality of our lives. Trees of the right variety placed properly and cared for professionally provide enormous benefits and have significant economic, environmental and societal value. Without regular care, trees can quickly change from a valuable resource to a costly burden. Become an intelligent tree care consumer by contacting CRUX Climbing, Rigging and Training, Corp., (CCRT) for your tree care needs.

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Regardless of whether a company has many or just a few employees, bringing in CRUX Climbing, Rigging and Training, Corp., (CCRT) professional experience will add skill set, refresh safety practices and enhance job performance. In addition, CCRT services may be used as short-term solutions for a myriad of job scenarios, including personalized crew training; and can fill a gap in experienced and staff structure, allowing your company to take on projects they may otherwise turn away. CCRT carries its own workers compensation insurance, a $1-2M general/professional liability policy, a $20,000 bond, and CCB License while working on your projects.

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