Military Discount

CCRT Military Discount Policy

A Military Discount is our way of expressing our sincere appreciation for all who have served honorably OR are currently serving in our U.S. Armed Forces. This includes Active Duty, Retirees, Reserve, National Guard and Veterans.

We offer a 10% discount to customers upon verification of a current and valid Military or Veterans Affairs ID card.

Please be sure to mention the discount at time of consult to provide personal identification and have it applied to your customer profile.

Additionally, we encourage ALL Americans to patronize businesses who support our troops by offering a discount to have served honorably or are currently serving in our U.S. Armed Forces.

Reasons to offer a Military Discount:

  • Opportunity to give back
  • Say thank you the men and women who have served our country
  • Americans support businesses that support our troops!
  • We must remember that freedom isn’t free and that someone has to pay the price…and that is those in our Armed Forces.
  • We hope you enjoy the CCRT discount for our U.S. Armed Forces!