Climbing & Rigging

Why Hire a CCRT Contract Climber & Rigger?

Regardless of whether a company has many or just a few employees, bringing in CRUX Climbing, Rigging and Training, Corp., (CCRT) professional experience will add skill set, refresh safety practices and enhance job performance. In addition, CCRT services may be used as short-term solutions for a myriad of job scenarios, including personalized crew training; and can fill a gap in experienced and staff structure, allowing your company to take on projects they may otherwise turn away.

Gear and Tools

CCRT employs a vast variety of advanced climbing and rigging equipment needed for highly technical climbing and rigging operations.

Personal Protective Equipment

Safety is most important to CCRT. Climbers and riggers are industrial athletes and professionals alike, with respect to the body and its limitations. For this reason CCRT climbers and riggers always wear the appropriate protective clothing, helmet, eye and ear protection or other PPE when appropriate on every job. CCRT will also remind employers of the importance of PPE if employees are not properly outfitted.

On-the-Job / Site Training

CCRT often finds this option as most effective for companies that request training. This offers real, on the job scenarios which are otherwise impossible to replicate. Additionally, returned visits for training allow for monitoring, follow up and advancement based on progress. This also allows time for gear inspection, time and job efficiency analysis and recommendations as needed.


Job costs vary depending on the scope of the job, and are based on technicality, danger, equipment needed, time, and other job scenarios. The rate for a CCRT Contract Climber & Rigger is typically $85/hour for standard work and $125/hour for hazard work.

Licenced, Bonded and Insured

CRUX Climbing, Rigging and Training (CCRT) carries its own workers compensation insurance, a $1-2M general liability policy, a $1-2M professional liability policy, a $20,000 bond, as well as a CCB License.